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Opening day info
by posted 03/23/2023

OGAA Members,

We are excited to get the season kicked off on Opening Day this Saturday and we look forward to seeing everyone at the ballpark!  Below is some helpful information to help you navigate through the day.

1.  Opening Ceremonies will start at 10:00 AM on Field 5.  Teams will line up on field 6 starting at 9:15 AM.  We normally line up on field 8, but this year we will be lining up on field 6.  OGAA Board Members will be on field 6 getting the players lined up in the correct location.  We will also have signs posted for age groups on the fields so everyone knows where to go.  Please stay off the infield of Field 6 during this time.  Teams will lineup in the outfield.  No parents are allowed in the dugouts of field 5 or field 6 during this time.  It gets too crowded and makes it difficult to get all the kids through this area while shuttling them from field 6 to field 5.  We ask everyone not to enter the 4-Plex area between fields 5 and 6.  We will have this area roped off to create a path for the players to walk from field 6 to field 5.   

2.  Picture Schedules have been posted to the website.  All teams are required to take a team picture at their scheduled time slot.  Even if you are not getting indvidual pictures, you still need to be there for the team picture.  Make-Up Pictures will be scheduled at a later date, but will only be for individual pictures.  All team pictures must be taken on Opening Day.

3.  If you are scheduled for pictures before the Opening Ceremonies, this means you have the first game on your assigned field for the day.  Some of the teams are scheduled for pictures at 9:15 AM.  Don't worry.  If you are scheduled for pictures at 9:15 AM, you will have time to get your pictures, and still get to field 6 in time to line up for the Opening Ceremonies.

4.  The Back Gate is open Full Time until the road construction is complete.  We encourage everyone to use the back gate as much as needed.  If traffic is backing up at the front gate, exit out the back gate.

5.  We will have personnel directing traffic inside the ballpark.  Please follow their directions.  You may not get to park in your desired location, but we need to keep traffic flowing in and out of the ballpark as best as possible and we need cooperation from everyone driving into the park to make this successfull and less painful on all.  Please park where you are directed to park.

6.  We are monitoring the weather system that is potentially moving in on Friday.  If it rains Friday night, we still plan to have Opening Ceremonies at 10:00 AM and the picture schedules will remain the same.  However, it may impact your game start times.  If we have to delay the start of any games, we will announce it at the end of Opening Ceremonies.  However, we have a plan in place to get the fields ready to play on in the event we do get rain on Friday night.  So be ready to Play Ball on Saturday!

A few park rules that everyone should become familiar with before coming to the park on Saturday.

1.  This is youth baseball and softball.  There are no college scouts out there scouting your kids.  Please remember that this is a game and should always be looked at it in that manner.  No Profanity.  No Personal Attacks.  No negative comments about a kid on a team.  Be encouraging to all players.  Keep it fun for the kids.

2.  The umpires are not perfect.  They will make mistakes.  They are human.  Please treat them with respect.  They are out here for the kids and I promise you, they don't care who wins or loses the game.  

3.  There is No Smoking allowed within the ballpark.  You may go to your car or sit at the outfield fences to smoke, but no smoking around the buildings, bleachers, etc.

4.  The Speed Limit inside the ballpark is 5 MPH.  Please look out for small children around parked cars.

5.  Handicap Parking Spaces are reserved for the Handicap.  You must have the Handicap Tag or the rear view mirror decal visable for the Lamar County Sheriff's office to see.  Any violators will be subject to receiving a ticket.

It is going to be a great year!  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.


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